Saturday 4th March

Patrol 1 led by Andrew Furniss
Patrol 15 led by Robin Barham

Sunday 5th March

Patrol 14 led by Claude Busse
Patrol 13 led by Peter Ingle and Victoria O’Halloran

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Last weekend the Age Championships concluded at Queenscliff and North Steyne. Our Juniors did extremely well finishing 8th on the pointscore. Some top results from our 11s-14 age groups were

1st – Henry Whitehead – Under 13 Board Race
1st – Dylan Seymour, Henry Whitehead, Jacob Chalmers, Thomas Mc Murtry – Under 13 Male Cameron Relay
1st – Eve Seymour, Lucy Whitehead, Tamzin Woolston – Under 11 Board Relay
2nd – Jessica Oakhill – Under 14 surf race
2nd – Eve Seymour – Under 11 Board Race
2nd – Jacob Chalmers, Mateus Martin, Tobias Woolnough – Under 13 Board Relay
2nd – Lily-Ana Swane, Elodie Bankes – 2*500m Beach Relay
3rd – Liam Jordan – Under 14 Surf Race
3rd – Tamzin Woolston – Under 11 Board Race
3rd – Lucy Whitehead, Tamzin Woolston, Lily Lutschenkow, Stella Brock- Under 11 Surf Team
3rd – Liam Jordan, Luka Gordon, Thomas Northcote, Medwin Wong – Under 14 Surf Team
3rd – Jessica Oakhill, Hannah Huisman, Chloe Gaudry, Sophie Stacker – Under 14 Surf Team

A big thank you to all our volunteers that assisted over the 4 days of competition.

Also last weekend was the First Aid competition. Congratulations to Lauren and Jasmine Costello on finishing 4th in the Opens competition.

On Wednesday and Thursday it was the Masters turn to hit the beach and Water for the State Titles. Congratulations to our Masters team on finishing 2nd on the overall point score with 459 points not far behind the winners North Bondi on 491. Below is a list of our Masters Medallists.

1st – Stewart McLachlan – Board Race
1st – Nigel Kassulke – Beach Sprint
1st – Michael Kember – Beach Sprint
1st – Kathryn Watts – Beach Sprint
1st – Melanie-Jane Brock – Single Ski
1st – Julia Bell – Single Ski
1st – Victoria O’Halloran, Julia Bell, Melinda Pelly – Taplin Relay
1st – Melanie-Jane Brock, Rachael Dodwell, Rachel Crerar – Taplin Relay
1st – Rachel Crerar, Polly Williams, Melanie- Jane Brock – Surf Team
1st – Stewart McLachlan, Jonathon Stock, Cameron Coghlan – Board Relay
1st – Sophie Tyner, Camille de Carmejane-Vesc – Double Ski
1st – Anthony Vieceli, Chris Morgan – Double Ski
1st – Julia Bell, Melanie-Jane Brock – Double Ski
2nd – Michael Kember – Beach Flags
2nd – Merilee Linegar – Beach Sprint
2nd – James Stewart – Single Ski
2nd – Melinda Pelly – Single Ski
2nd – Camille de Carmejane Vesc – Single Ski
2nd – Kathryn Watts – Board Race
2nd – Julia Bell – Tube Race
2nd Kathryn Watts – 1km Beach Run
2nd – Nicole Gorton – 2km Beach Run
2nd – Madeleine Morton – 2km Beach Run
2nd – James Stewart, David Cansdell, Ronnie Dalsgaard – Ski Relay
2nd – Chris Morgan, Raymons Ingle, Anthony Vieceli – Ski Relay
2nd – Nicholas Williams, Grant Ellison – Double Ski
2nd – Andrea Smith, Andrean Duffy – Double Ski
2nd – Marc Pasques Villalba, Ronnie Dalsgaard – Double Ski
2nd – Julia Bell, Marleen Veldhuis, Melinda Pelly – Surf Team
2nd – Polly Williams, Florence Epper – Board Rescue
2nd – Stewart McLachlan, Cameron Coghlan, Jonathon Stock – Taplin Relay
2nd – Melanie-Jane Brock, Julia Bell, Victoria O’Halloran – Board Relay
3rd – Marc Pasques Villalba – Surf Race
3rd – Julia Bell – Board Race
3rd – Melanie- Jane Brock – Board Race
3rd – Emanuel Freer – Single Ski
3rd – Chris Morgan – Single Ski
3rd – James Stewart, David Cansdell – Double Ski
3rd – Kaija Wall, Christine Armour – Double Ski
3rd – Lance Brooks – Beach Flags
3rd – Merrilee Linegar – Beach Flags
3rd – Linda Burrell – Beach Sprint
3rd – Madeleine Morton – Beach Sprint
3rd – Joseph Badaoui – 1km Beach Run
3rd – Nigel Kassulke, Paul Hewitt, Barrie Feldman, Michael Kember – Beach Relay
3rd – Andrean Duffy, Linda Moon, Victoria O’Halloran – Surf Team
3rd – Grant Ellison, Anthony Vieceli, Craig Hood – Board Relay
3rd – Andrew Miller, Nicholas Williams, John Thomson – Board Relay
3rd – Andrew Miller, Marc Pasques Villalba – Board Rescue
3rd – Joseph Badaoui, Antony Gilbert – Double Ski

Thank you to the team managers, IRB, Water Safety and officials for giving up your time to let our team compete. A special thank you to Melanie-Jane Brock, Glenn Stone and Graham Bruce who handled all the logistics for the 2 days!

This weekend is the Opens turn in the spotlight. Action kicks off on Friday and concludes on Sunday. If you are looking for something to do why not pop down in your blue and cheer on Team Manly. If you can’t make it Saturday and Sunday will be livestreamed on the SLSNSW Facebook, or YouTube or on Kayo Freebies!

Look out for the results of the Opens in next week’s edition!

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