This policy provides the basis for a balanced and responsible approach to the use of alcohol at Manly Life Saving Club events and activities. This policy will help to ensure the club:

  • Meets its duty of care in relation to the health and safety of our members and guests who attend our club functions, particularly our youth.
  • Upholds the reputation of the club, our sponsors and partners.
  • Understands the risks associated with alcohol misuse and our role of minimising this risk.

To ensure the aims of the club are upheld and that the alcohol is managed responsibly, the following policy requirements will apply:


  • A risk management approach will be taken in planning events/activities involving the sale, supply or consumption of alcohol. Such events will be conducted and managed in a manner consistent with liquor licensing legislation and this policy.
  • Alcohol misuse can lead to unsafe or unacceptable sexual and/or violent behaviour, drink driving and other alcohol related harm. Excessive consumption of alcohol will not be an excuse for unacceptable behaviour, particularly behaviour that endangers others or breaches the law, this policy or any other policy of the club.


  • Must not compete, train, coach or officiate if affected by alcohol.
  • Must not provide, encourage, or allow people aged under 18 to consume alcohol.
  • Must not consume alcohol in change rooms.
  • Must not participate in or encourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol.
  • Must not pressure anyone to drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Must accept responsibility for own behaviour and take a responsible approach and use good judgement when alcohol is available.
  • Will be subject to disciplinary action if they breach this code.


The club will ensure that a current and appropriate liquor licence is maintained.

The club/licensee will adhere to the requirements of the licence and all relevant legislative requirements including signage. Responsible Service of Alcohol and procedures, non-service of underaged persons  and the maintaining of records.


The club recognises that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and hazardous to individuals and the wider community. Accordingly, we ask that all attendees at our functions plan their transport requirements to ensure they arrive home safely and prevent driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


The club will monitor and ensure any club trips, e.g. ‘Aussies’ strictly adhere to responsible behaviour and alcohol consumption in accordance with principles of this policy.


The club will promote the alcohol management policy regularly:

° By putting a copy of the policy on the website
° In club newsletters and flyers/invitations for functions
° Via social media
°  Through periodic announcements to members at functions.

  • The club will educate club members and supporters about the alcohol policy and the benefits of having such policy.
  • The club will actively demonstrate its attitude relating to the responsible use of alcohol and promote positive messages through its social media platforms.


  • Should there be non-compliance of this policy the board will ensure the explanation of the policy tp the person/people concerned, including identification of the section of policy not being complied with.
  • Repeat non-compliance with the policy may result in a person being asked to leave a function or prohibited from participation in future functions or roles at the club and, if a member, disciplinary action could be commenced.


This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.



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