“Their confidence and Manly behavior made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place” –  Capt. Arthur Phillip

Manly LSC is one of the oldest Surf Clubs in Australia and for a lot of people it is more than a surf club. This is because we represent in one of most emblematic beaches in Sydney some great values since 1903: beach safety, maintenance of the aquatic environment, education, training and performing those duties for better lifesavers and for better competitors and all in a fun, familiar and professional atmosphere.

Manly LSC is one of the best ambassadors of these values in Manly. We are proud of it and we work hard to keep representing it.


Manly Life Saving Club aims to ensure Manly Beach is a safe place to swim; to prevent the loss of life and to develop and educate our youth.


  • To study, practice, demonstrate and promote methods of life saving.
  • To patrol surf bathing areas solely, or in conjunction with other Surf Life Saving Clubs and/or Local Government Lifeguards
  • To minimize the loss of life from drowning by providing and maintaining efficient life saving equipment
  • To educate members and the community in beach, aquatic safety, the environment and promote skills and knowledge in beach and surf recreation
  • To provide facilities for enjoyable education and development of our youth, with additional emphasis on the Junior Activities section of the Club as a key part of our community service
  • To provide a safe and caring environment for all members and visitors and a place where they can meet in good fellowship
  • To provide access for disadvantaged and disabled groups to the services, facilities and educational programs of our Club
  • To promote competition to enhance the goals of the Club and in order to foster sportsmanship and values which will in turn promote harmony within the Club and its relationship with the community
  • To encourage our members to obtain training, education and coaching qualifications/accreditation to enable them to provide training programs needed to help other Club members and members of the community
  • To subscribe to or otherwise aid benevolent, cooperative, charitable, national or other institutions or objects which in the opinion of the Club Committee have moral or other claims to support or aid from the Club
  • To encourage public, corporate and government sponsorship and support of our Club and surf life saving in general and to recognize that support whenever and wherever possible
  • To use all available resources to raise funds for the ongoing operation and future development of the Club and its community service
  • To promote the history of lifesaving and surfing and educate members of the club and the public through the Australian Surf Museum
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