Click here for your 16/17 Patrol Hours with Grading

Please note the below patrol obligations that were published at the commencement of this season – gradings have been assigned based on this criteria. Any protests must be lodged by 5pm Monday 12th June to, stating a reason for the protest. This will then be reviewed and responded to.

Members wishing to achieve A grade status, must complete 20 hours minimum on their allocated patrol. The balance can be water safety or on other patrols.

Patrol Grading Key for 2016/17 follows.

At the conclusion of each patrol season every patrolling member’s patrol season hours are accumulated and one of the gradings below is allocated.

A = The highest and recommended award status for a patrol members achievement; Year of Service is granted and accumulates towards Long Service (10 years).

To achieve A Grade status members must complete minimum 30 patrol hours a year composed of

Minimum of 20 rostered patrol hours with your allocated Patrol

AND Minimum 10 hours with another patrol

OR 10 hours maximum of approved and logged, water safety

B = Year of Service not granted, but member in good standing.

C = Member must reapply to join, with letter of commitment

NOTE: An A grading may be granted when a prior agreement has been made between the Club Captain and a member due to other services they provide to the club.