Please note the below patrol obligations that were published at the commencement of this season – gradings have been assigned based on this criteria. Any protests should be sent to the club captqain, stating a reason for the protest. This will then be reviewed and responded to.

patrol hours 2019-20 season

Members wishing to achieve A grade status, must complete 20 hours minimum on their allocated patrol. The balance can be water safety or on other patrols.

Patrol Grading Key for 2019/20 follows.

At the conclusion of each patrol season every patrolling member’s patrol season hours are accumulated and one of the gradings below is allocated.

A = The highest and recommended award status for a patrol members achievement; Year of Service is granted and accumulates towards Long Service (10 years).

To achieve A Grade status members must complete minimum 30 patrol hours a year composed of

Minimum of 20 rostered patrol hours with your allocated Patrol

AND Minimum 10 hours with another patrol

OR 10 hours maximum of approved and logged, water safety

B = Year of Service not granted, but member in good standing.

C = Member must reapply to join, with letter of commitment

NOTE: An A grading may be granted when a prior agreement has been made between the Club Captain and a member due to other services they provide to the club.

Roving Patrol: 

Placements on Roving Patrol are limited and are only available to a maximum of 30 members.  In order to qualify, your work/family/sports schedule is such that you can not predict your availability.  Due to limited places, those wanting to be on Roving Patrol MUST apply prior to every season. There is an expectation that when Patrol numbers are low, Roving members will be contacted first to fill gaps.

To receive an A grading, Roving members must complete a minimum of 20 hrs on ANY patrol and 10 hours of water safety.

Exceptions for the 2019/20 season related to early season closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Targets for A Grading reduced to 25 total hours and 15 hours on rostered patrol
  • Some leniency shown to people with <15 hours but >13.5 hours on their rostered patrol where they have exceeded 25 total patrol hours (excluding water safety hours)
  • A grading awarded to patrol members exceeding 40 total patrol hours (excluding water safety hours) for the season with below 15 hours on their rostered patrol
  • B grading is the highest grading awarded to patrolling members who have exclusively performed water safety, regardless of hours
  • C grading awarded to any patrolling member with less than 15 hours of total patrol hours (excluding water safety hours) and less than 5 hours on their rostered patrol

Finally, on the President’s request these criteria have been used to grade Long Service Members, with many getting a C rating as in many cases they only patrolled once during the season, or primarily performed water safety.