Surf Life Saving is about saving lives and also about testing skills and fitness. Surf sports competition offers members the chance to test them against the fastest lifesavers from around the world at various local, interstate, national and world carnivals.To compete, every athlete must have a minimum qualification of either a Surf Rescue Certificate (Juniors) or a Bronze Medallion and must meet the patrol hour requirements according to their membership category.

Manly LSC offers a huge range of opportunities for members to get involved in surf sports, from nippers to masters, and training with qualified coaches is held several times a week. There is coaching to all levels of skill.

In Manly LSC we have numerous Branch, State, National and World championships in our ranks and we have a big reputation as a force in Surf Sports.

Boards and Surf Skis are the craft that our competitors use for Surf Carnivals and to improve their surf skills and fitness. Manly LSC has a strong tradition in board and ski with a world class coaching team in place.

Manly Life Saving Club has historically had a very strong Board section and we currently have many State and National champions throughout the various age groups.

Manly Life Saving Club’s ski section continues to grow with many teams and individuals making the Australian and State Championships finals in the past few years and achieving medal-winning results. Manly has produced a number of great paddlers in the past,  having three ski paddlers in the 2012 Australian Olympic Team and is now moving into a new era where the up-coming generation of competitors are writing their names in the record books.

New members are always welcome to join the team.

For information about training , contact : Matt Curll,  Competition Director

*Please remember however, that Manly is a volunteer club; that in which everyone lends a hand and as such, paddlers who compete for Manly are expected to help out at the club by completing their Bronze Medallion and fulfilling their patrol obligations.

How we achieve our goal

Our athletes have between 13-15 structured sessions available to them through the week, comprised of:

  • Swim
  • Board
  • Ski
  • Surf skills
  • Ironman
  • Run
  • Sprint

In addition we offer education on drugs and alcohol, nutrition, and strength and conditioning programs.

The dedication shown by these young men and women is even more impressive given the majority of our competition group are students or have just commenced careers. All our competition group are also required to patrol Manly beach as lifesavers each summer, providing an enormous contribution to the community.

Our Record

  • Won more gold medals at Australian Championships (Aussies) than any other club in Australia since inception in 1915
  • Highest ranked NSW club at Aussies last 5 years, 2nd overall in 2014 and 3rd in 2013
  • NSW Champions 5 out of the last 7 years
  • NSW Nipper Champions last 5 years
  • Leading NSW U15 Club at Aussies
  • Leading U17 Club at 2013 Aussies
  • 3rd U15 point score at 2013 Aussies
  • Manly LSC had 4 competitors (& one past member) in the 2012 Australian Olympic Team.
  • Manly LSC has had 34 Olympians since its foundation
  • Manly LSC has had 7 representatives in the Iron Man/Iron woman series over the past 5 seasons—more than any other NSW club.
  • Manly LSC competitors have comprised 50% of the Sydney Northern Beaches Representative team over the past 4 seasons

Manly Competition Hallmarks

The Manly Surf Sports Competition Team has always had a great culture and always will have a great culture. There is a real opportunity to give it a clearer identity through a bit of structure and support, bottle it up and turn it into an even better brand.

In workshopping our brand with representatives of the various parts of our competition team (our surf, our beach, our boat, our IRB our life saver, our first aid, our R&R, our Masters, our competition nippers and our march past) everyone overwhelmingly recommends that we should be known as Team Manly.

Who are we? We are Team Manly – we are the Manly Surf Sports Competition Team known as Team Manly.

What are we? We are One Team comprising our surf, our beach, our boat, our IRB our life saver, our first aid, our R&R, our Masters, our competition nippers and our march past.

What is our purpose? Experience a culture of success and camaraderie at Team Manly.

What are our goals?

  • To be the best possible Competition Surf Sport Team we can be through our Team Manly hallmarks.
  • To create a brand that makes us known as the Club that everyone wants to be a part of.
  • To have fun.

What are our personal goals?

  • To make the best contribution we can individually to Team Manly.
  • To evolve as a person at Team Manly.
  • To have fun.

What are the goals of the Competition Committee?

  • To create an environment that fosters personal and team best through our Team Manly hallmarks.
  • To create an environment of fun.

What are our Team Manly hallmarks? Attached are our hallmarks. Our hallmarks reflect our culture.

How will it all work?

We are all keen to actively promote our Team Manly Culture and will introduce initiatives during the year.

One initiative that we all agreed upon was to hold “Super Saturdays” approximately once a month. This will involve the whole of competition training together on a Saturday morning from about 7.30am with everyone going up for a Team Manly breakfast at 9am. There we will provide briefings on the month ahead and any news generally. It is a good opportunity for everyone competing together for Team Manly to get to know and support each other.

Please liaise with your area Captains regarding the Super Saturday sessions. For everyone who is thinking about competing this year our surf, our beach, our boat, our IRB, our life saver, our first aid, our R&R, our Masters, competition nipper delegates (when categories are settled) and our march past(s)(including nippers march past) we need you all down there on Super Saturdays.

We also welcome our HSC students and others who have not started training to come on down, all competitors are welcome. Come down and watch our highlight taplin relay which will involve a fun combo of open, masters and maybe even

We have a great club. If everyone involved with Team Manly buys into the above common goals, and follows the team hallmarks, Team Manly will move forwards in leaps and bounds and we will all have lots of fun.

We are looking forward to the year ahead. Go Team Manly!!!!

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