Manly Nippers provides most, if not all of the equipment needed for Sunday activities and Carnivals, including Nipper boards. It is available for the use of all registered Nippers.


Age Group Equipment Requirements
U6/7 Manly Nipper cap (first name written on the side in bold)
U8 Manly Nipper cap & Pink high-vis vest
U9-14 Manly Nipper cap & Pink high-vis vest, Goggles
  • Manly Club Swimmers must be worn when competing in carnival.
  • Pink high Vis vests are worn quite tight so that they don’t drag in the water when swimming.
  • Nippers who are competing like to have a pair of goggles and a spare.
  • Silicone swim caps are optional, but are recommended when it is cold.
  • Surf Coats are also popular to keep warm.
  • Our shop stocks Manly LSC branded rash vests, T-shirts, shorts, towels, baseball caps etc which are popular with the Nippers.

Click here for opening hours and online purchases at the Manly LSC shop.


Age Group Board Type
U9/10 Foamie or soft Board
U11/12/13 Fibreglass Nippers Board
U14 Fibreglass Mal (Malibu) Board

Borrow – We have foamie and fibreglass boards available for use by Nipper members during Sunday Nipper activities and club training.  These are available from the back of the club half an hour before the start of Sunday Nippers or any training session.

These boards need to be signed out. They must be returned to the club, washed and signed in straight after Nippers or training.

Training and competition equipment are expensive both to purchase and maintain and we are fortunate to have it. Therefore, it is important that these items and all other gear and equipment is handled and cared for correctly.

Please report any damaged gear immediately to your Age Manager or the Gear Steward.

Buy – nearly all Nippers who compete or train regularly buy their own boards. Please do not use another Nipper’s board without first getting permission.

Note – the Club cannot be held responsible for any damage to private boards.

Renting a fibreglass Board (U11/12/13/14) for the season

Nippers who are attending mid-week training and competing for Manly LSC are eligible to rent a club owned board for the season. There is a levy of about $150 and a refundable deposit:

  • Preference will be given to those children that regularly attend training.
  • Boards will be inspected at the time of allocation and return.
  • The Club will cover the cost of any accidental damage to the board once during the season, but any additional repairs will need to be paid for by the parent.
  • Parents are responsible for the cost of a replacement board if they are unable to return the allocated board.

For those Nippers that do not require a board for mid-week training or competition, the Club will still have good quality boards available for use during Sunday activities. All Club-owned boards must be brought to Sunday Nippers and any training that your Nipper attends. They need to be returned at the end of the season. Contact your Age Manager to arrange to rent a board. Please report any damage to a board promptly to the Gear Steward or your Age Manager.

Caring for your Club Board

  • Please carry rather than drag your board. If a Nipper is too small to carry the board then it should be carried with another Nipper
  • Avoid leaving boards lying in direct sunlight for a long time (this causes them to bubble).
  • Do not throw boards down on the sand.
  • Kneeling (on Nipper boards) and standing on all Club boards is strictly prohibited – they are not designed to be used in this way.
  • Please report any damage immediately to the Water coach, Superintendent or Gear Steward.
  • After use please wash off all the sand and return the board to the back of the club.
  • Borrowed Club boards MUST be returned immediately after the conclusion of training or Nippers.

Any mistreatment or misuse of boards will result in the loss of usage rights to that equipment and Parents may be asked to contribute to the cost of repairs as a result.

Storing boards

We have limited storage capacity for boards and are not able to offer storage for foamie or fibreglass Nipper boards. We do allocate storage space to U14s who are training and competing on the Fibreglass Mals. To find out more please contact your Age Manager or our Gear Steward.

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