Officers of the Club 2023/24

Branch Delegate: Peter Gard
Vice Captain 1: Tom Crawford
Vice Captain 2: Julian Clarkson
Vice Captain 3: Robin Barham
Vice Captain 4: Kirsty Dollisson
Junior Captain (U-19) : Vacant
IRB Captain: Tim Cuthbert
Ski Captain: Tony Gilbert
Board Captain: Tony Gilbert
Surf Boat Captain: David Simmons
March Past Captain:
Masters Captain: Melanie Brock
Lifesaving/ First Aid Comp Captain: Vacant
Beach Sprint Captain:
Hayley Miller
Gear Stewards: Shane Gilroy
Radio Officer: Alan Booth
First Aid Officer: Vacant
House Committee Chair: Tony Bonner AM
Registrar: Ray Petersen
Publicity (Digital Media) Officer: Andrean Duffy
Child Protection Officer (s): Phillipa Cave
Member Information Protection Officer: Simone Hill
Chief Instructor / Training Officer: Rhani-Lee Payne
Competition Manager: Glenn Stone
Gym Leader (Covid Marshall): Vacant
Social Organiser: Vacant
Branch Delegate – Surf Sports: Glenn Stone
Branch Delegate – Board Management – Peter Gard
Manly Savers Rugby Chairman: John Szaka
Race secretary: Vacant
Junior Activities Chairman: Kristoffer Brock
Junior Activities Secretary: Nicole Larcombe
Junior Activities Treasurer: Jenni Jordan
Junior Activities Superintendent: Mark Northcote
Junior Activities Education Officer: Kirsty Hawkins
MPIO: Simone Hill*
Member of the Finance Committee (5 positions): Chris Bell, Jocelyn Webb, Victoria O’Halloran, Daniel Mulcahy, Tim Cuthbert, Leoni Graham
Financial Trustees (5 positions): 
Heritage Trustees (5 positions):
New Members Officer (new for 2022/23 season): Vacant
Assistant Treasurer: Barry Seymour / Simon Gillespie
Covid Safety Officer: Tony Bonner AM
Head of Merchandising: Kris Carpenter
Chair of Building Committee: Chris Bell
Building Committee: Chris Bell, Rod Joyce, Kyeema Doyle, Mark Handley, David Goldman, Robbie Stewart, Chris Kinsella, Leoni Graham.

*A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) provides information about the rights, responsibilities and options available to an individual making a complaint. MPIOs are impartial and do not investigate or mediate complaints. As subject matter experts they can also advise committees, administrators and complaint handlers in Member Protection Regulations and Safeguarding Policy to highlight non-compliance or to clarify the correct process during specific situations.

They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures and are the first point of call in the club for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour. The MPIO provides information about possible ways to resolve the issue and offers moral support to the person who raises the concern or the person who is the subject of the alleged behaviour. The MPIO will treat all information as strictly confidential.

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