Qualifying as an Official

You don’t need to know everything about Surf Lifesaving to be a very effective official. And, at least on the Nippers side of things, a significant part is herding cats! As a club we aim for all Official roles to be shared by 2 qualified Officials wherever possible.

There are a number of stages to getting qualified.

The online courses give you an overview of the general principles of Officiating and cover the different roles that Officials can play.

The Face 2 Face session is a great opportunity to pick up some tips & tricks from an experienced Official and ask questions.

Finally, as a probationary official you are supported through your first couple of carnivals by another official.

Complete both courses - 6

If you are not already a member at Manly LSC then click here to Join  and follow the instructions. If you wish to be added to an existing family group email admin@manlyLSC.com after you have registered to request to be added.

Go into your SLS Portal account and select:

Complete both courses - 2
  • e Learning
  • Training Library
  • SLS – Safety & Well being
  • Child Safe Awareness Course

This course takes about 20  minutes to complete

Complete both courses - 3

Go into your SLS Portal Account and select the Technical Officials course. You will be reimbursed the $60 fee once you are a qualified official.

Complete both courses - 2


  • e Learning
  • Training Library
  • SLS – Officiating
  • SLS – Technical Official

Complete modules 1, 2 and 3 (a), (b) and (c) – these take about 2 hours. You need to watch all the videos for the course to show as completed.

NOTE – Module 1 takes you into the Sport Australia website. Once you have completed your certificate you will need to go back into your SLS Members area and go into Module 1 again and Click on “Take Assessment”. You need to insert your Sporting Principles Certificate Number in here to ensure that Module 1 shows as completed.

Complete both courses - 3

Once you are sure you have completed all the online components get in touch with Matt Westcar  and he will line you up with a Face 2 Face Officials Course.

NOTE  – You can check your courses have all been certified by looking  on your SLS portal account under:

  • Memberships
  • Awards
Complete both courses - 4

You will need an Officials Log book and to make sure you get signed off as having officiated at each Carnival. There is form to fill in once you have done 2 Carnivals and you will need details of who signed you off at each one to complete that form.

NOTE – Anyone who will be officiating for more than 5 days a year will also need to get a Working with Children Check.

SLS SNB recommend that anyone else who is officiating also get a Working with Children Check though it is not required.

Tips & Tricks

  • You must watch all the videos or the course will not show as completed
  • Make sure you click exit from the online modules or they will not show as complete
  • Module 1 takes you out of the SLS website & into the Sporting Australia website. Once you have completed this module you MUST go back into your SLS Portal and back into MODULE 1 & input your certificate number so that the module shows as complete.

If you have any issues with your awards showing as completed then get in touch with the SLS Helpdesk – you can call them or lodge a ticket. They are very helpful & responsive.

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