Manly has a proud history in beach events which include beach sprint, 2k beach run, beach relays and beach flags.

For our younger members, they may lack confidence in the surf but they can still achieve success in the beach events and transition to develop skills in lifesaving and water events and in many cases, they stay competitive with the beach events moving into the master’s beach areas where many older members compete in their own age groups.

The beach relays are always exciting where often the fastest team does not win. Faulty baton changes often lead to sudden changes in fortune and like all team events competing with your team mates is as important regardless of the result.

The beach flags event is a dynamic event requiring power, acceleration, balance, and technical skill. The rapid advance in skills we see from our younger members is amazing but even in the age groups such as 70 plus the event is keenly fought out although just a little slower.

Flags and beach sprinting also are great off season training for all the winter sporting codes such as netball and the football codes where the fitness and skills complement each other.

Beach Events
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