Long Service and Distinguished service award notice

The Honours committee MLSC is calling for nominations for Distinguished Service Award and Life Membership. Any nomination should be sent to the Secretary at secretary@manlylsc.com by 24th February 2024.

Nominations should contain club history of nominated member and reasons supporting the nomination that satisfy the relevant criteria.

The criteria for these awards is as per the constitution ie

Distinguished Service Award 

A Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to a member who has given extraordinary service to the Manly LSC or by virtue of a Meritorious rescue performed by the member/s. Members can be awarded more than one Distinguished Service Award if they continue to perform extraordinary service over a long period. Normally a Club Life Member would not be awarded this Award, as Life Membership is the highest Club honour, however, if a member who has been awarded a Life Membership and continues to perform an extraordinary service to the Club, the Club may present this award.

Life Membership. 

Life Membership is the highest MLSC honour and as such is a significant and important award of respect and represents recognition by members of extraordinary and exceptional service to the Club by another member, the majority of which has been served with MLSC.

The criterion for Life Membership is the performance of extraordinary and exceptional service as well as:

  • A minimum of 20 years membership of a surf lifesaving club, the majority of which has been served with MLSC.
  • A minimum of eight years service as an active patrolling member in good standing at any club.
  • A minimum of fifteen years service to MLSC as an Officer of the Club or in rare cases by representing MLSC and providing distinguished services to lifesaving in any other capacity for that period.”