Is online through the Surf Life Saving (SLS) Australia Members portal. It is easier if you use a computer and follow the relevant guidance (which includes links to SLS help and screenshots)






STEP 1: Click here

  • scroll to the bottom and select join a Surf Life Saving Club
  • choose Manly LSC from the drop down
  • Make sure you change the drop down from individual to Family Membership to join yourself and your Nipper
  • Follow the rest of the prompts to join Manly Nippers & pay membership fees and any training fees.

IMPORTANT: Nippers aged U6-U14 MUST have at least one parent per family join as a Nipper Parent Member. This entitles you to use the club facilities and gives you insurance cover. Parents are not allowed to assist or participate without insurance so we encourage you to join and join the fun!



STEP 2: Email with all New Members’ proof of age document – parent & Nipper (Birth certificate or passport)




Existing Members Guidance

STEP 1: Open the SLS Members portal account linked to your family group or each member individually by clicking the link below

STEP 2: Follow the instructions to renew membership and to pay either under

Membership/Renewals payments Transfers (for Individuals)


Membership/Family (if you have a family group)

Use the “Join new Member” button to join a new Nipper to your family group and “Add new Member” if you are trying to create a family group with a Nipper who has already been registered and is in the SLS Database.


Follow the instructions to renew and pay Membership and any Training fees.

If you have any trouble please carefully read the guidance and if you are still having issues then contact us at


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