SNB Branch Championships 2016. Palm Beach

Open Male Surf Race; 1st Jay Furniss, 2nd Nathan Smith, 4th Cooper Krenkels

Open Male Surf Teams; 1st Manly (Furniss/Smith/Krenkels/Newling)

Over 24 Surf Race; 1st Nathan Smith

Open Male Taplin; 2nd (Smith/Furniss/Speer/Krenkels/J. Kelly/Stone)

Open Male Board; 2nd Nathan Smith, 3rd Jay Furniss, 4th Harrison Stone, 5th Mitch Roberts

Open Male Board Relay; 1st Manly (Smith, Furniss, Stone), 6th Manly (Curtis, Roberts, J.Kelly)

Open Male Board Rescue; 2nd Manly (Krenkels/Stone)

Open Male Ski; 3rd Sam Speer

Open Mixed Double Ski; 3rd Manly (Vieceli/Kristenson)

Open Men Ski Relay; 3rd Manly (Speer/Farrell/J. Kelly)

LifeSaver Relay; 3rd Manly (J. Kelly/Speer/Stone/Myall/Perry/Nicholas/Jones/Butcher/Fletcher/Pannowitz)

Open First Aid; 1st Manly (Sita Mason/Aiden Baldwin)

Open Female Surf Race; 3rd Naomi Scott

Open Female Surf Team; 2nd (Puskaric/Scott/ Crerar/Krenkels)

Open Female Over 24 Surf Race; 2nd Rachel Crerar

Open Female Ironperson; 2nd Naomi Scott

Open Female Taplin; 2nd Manly (Scott/Crerar/Sloan), 4th Manly (Ward/Crerar/Myall), 6th Manly


Open Female Board; 1st Rachel Crerar, 4th Grace Gurr

Open Female Board Relay; 2nd Manly (Gurr/L.Crerar/R. Crerar)

Open Female Board Rescue; 3rd Manly (Crerar/Myall)

Open Female Ski; 1st Rachel Crerar, 4th Eleanor Owen

Open Female Double Ski; 4th Manly (Sloan/Kristensen)

Open Female Ski Relay; 3rd Manly (Owen/De Camerjane/L. Crerar), 4th Manly (R. Crerar/Sloan/Kristensen)

Open Female 2km Beach Run; 2nd Sita Mason

Open Female Champion Lifesaver; 2nd Sita Mason

U19 Male Surf Race; 1st Cooper Krenkels

U19 Male Ironman; 5th Harrison Stone

U19 Male Taplin; 2nd Manly (Krenkels/Stone/Farrell)

U19 Male Board; 2nd Harrison Stone, 4th Blake Lovely

U19 Male Board Relay; 2nd Manly (Stone/Lovely/Scott)

U19 Male Board Rescue; 1st Manly (Stone/ Krenkels)

U19 Male Double Ski; 5th Manly (Stone/Jones)

U19 Mixed First Aid; 1st Manly (Costello/Ducklin)

U19 Female Ironperson; 2nd Bronte Sloan, 3rd Eleanor Owen

U19 Female Taplin; 2nd Manly (Sloan/McGrath/Sillar)

U19 Female Board Relay; 4th Manly (Sloan/Owen/Sillar)

U19 Female Board Rescue; 2nd Manly (Sloan/Owen)

U19 Female Ski; 1st Bronte Sloan, 2nd Eleanor Owen

U19 Female Ski Relay; 3rd Manly (Owen/Sloan/McGrath)

U17 Male Surf Race; 2nd Andrew Newling, 6th Oscar Jones

U17 Male Surf Teams; 3rd Manly (Newling/Jones/Moon/Hughes)

U17 Male Taplin;4th Manly (Jones/Hughes/Newton), Manly 6th (Newling/Van Haren/Farrell)

U17 Male Board; 4th Adam Van Haren

U17 Male Board Rescue;2nd Manly (Jones/Van Haren)

U17 Male Board Relay;3rd Manly (Jones/Newling/Van Haren)

U17 Male Ski; 2nd Oscar Jones, 3rd Liam Farrell

U17 Male Ski Relay; 2nd Manly (Jones/Farrell/Newton)

U17 Male Rescue Tube; 2nd Oscar Jones

U17 Male Champion Lifesaver; 1st Jonathon Curulli, 2nd Max Moon, 3rd James Wacher,4th Christopher Curulli,

U17 Mixed First Aid; 1st Manly (Moon/Wacher), 2nd Manly (Murdoch/N.Notting), 3rd Manly (Egan/Worner)

U17 Patrol Competition; 1st Manly (Moon/Wacher/J.Curulli/C. Curulli

U17 Female Surf Race; 1st Naomi Scott, 5th Tessa Houston, 6th Sophia Sillar

U17 Female Surf Teams; 2nd Manly (Scott/Ward/Krenkels/Houston)

U17 Female IronPerson; 1st Naomi Scott, 2nd Isabella Ward, 4th Remi Krenkels, 6th Grace Gurr

U17 Female Taplin; 2nd Manly (Scott/Gurr/Myall), 5th Manly (Crowley/Houston/Ward)

U17 Female Board; 1st Grace Gurr, 3rd Naomi Scott,

U17 Female Board Rescue; 1st Manly (Scott/Krenkels), 4th (Ward/Gurr),6th Manly (Houston/Sillar)

U17 Female Board Relay; 2nd Manly (Scott/Gurr/Ward), 3rd Manly (Myall/Houston/Grout)

U17 Female Ski; 4th Remi Krenkels

U17 Female Ski Relay; 1st Manly (Gurr/Scott/Ward), 2nd Manly (Krenkels/Houston/Myall)

U17 Female Champion Lifesaver; 3rd Rebecca Murdoch

U15 Male Surf Race; 1st Zach Morris, 4th Ryan Singleton

U15 Male Surf Teams; 2nd Manly (Singleton/Morris/Bedingfield/B. Newling)

U15 Male Ironman; 2nd Zach Morris, 3rd Ryan Singleton

U15 Male Cameron Relay; 2nd Manly (Morris/Singleton/Bedingfield/Cowan)

U15 Male Board; 1st Ryan Singleton, 4th Thomas Bedingfield, 5th Hamish Cowan, 6th Zach Morris

U15 Male Board Rescue; 1st Manly (Singleton/Morris)

U15 Male Board Relay; 2nd Manly (Bedingfield/Morris/Singleton)

U15 Male Rescue Tube; 1st Ryan Singleton, 6th B. Newling

U15 Male Champion Lifesaver; 6th Hamish Thorpe

U15 Mixed First Aid; 2nd Manly(Notting/Underhill), 3rd Manly (L.Costello/Thorpe), 4th (J. Costello/A. Thorpe), 5th

Manly (Gilbert/Gilbert), 6th (H.Thorpe/Evans)

U15 Female Surf Race; 3rd Eliza Curll, 5th Maddie Ward, 6th Georgia Singleton

U15 Female Surf Teams; 1st Manly (Curll/Ward/Cuthbert/Singleton)

U15 Female Ironperson; 3rd Amy Polikowski, 4th Maddie Ward, 5th Vicki Cuthbert, 6th Eliza Curll

U15 Female Cameron Relay; 2nd Manly (Donoghue/Polikowski/Curll/Curtis), 4th Manly


U15 Female Board; 4th Vicki Cuthbert, 5th Amy Polikowski

U15 Female Board Rescue; 3rd Manly (Curll/Singleton),4th Manly (Donoghue/Cuthbert), 6th Manly


U15 Female Board Relay; 1st Manly (Curll/Ward/Polikowski),3rd (Curtis/Cuthbert/Donoghue)

U15 Female Rescue Tube; 2nd Maddie Ward, 3rd Vicki Cuthbert, 4th Georgia Singleton, 6th Eliza Curll

U15 Female Beach Sprint; 2nd Lily Marsters

U15Female 2km Beach Run; 1st Jemma Donoghue

U15 Female Flags; 3rd Lily Marsters

U15 Female Champion Lifesaver; 1st Monique Curulli

March Past; Manly 6th

Reserve Open Men Boats: 3rd Manly Boat People, 6th Manly Transrex

2016 NSW Open Championionships – Umina

Manly LSC Results

Open Female Iron Woman: 4th Naomi Scott

Open Female Board Rescue: 5th Manly (Crerar/Puskaric)

Open Female Single Ski Relay: 4th Manly (Crerar/Green/Sloan)

Open Female Board Relay: 4th Manly (Crerar/Gurr/Puskaric)

Open Female Belt: 4th Taylar Puskaric

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