Welcome to our new way of proficiencies – now named STRONGER SKILLS SESH! This year we are trying something a little different in order to try and make this yearly ritual a little easier on all – members and trainers alike!

It will be similar to a round robin, with the entire club getting involved! Each award will be set up at different location around the club and beach. Upon arrival you will need to register and pick up a skills card – this will be your responsibility. The skills card must be signed off at each award station in order for you to become fully proficient. It is not the training officer or anyone else’s job to remind you of this YOU must get signed off for yourself.

As per previous years we are required to complete the online skills maintenance prior to attending a Stronger Skills Sesh date. Before you can complete the proficiency, all trainers must see proof of this completion, that can be a screen shot of the certificate or they can be printed out and bought with you.

How it works:

  • Arrive and register – pick up your card
  • Pick an award and jump into the start of the group
  • Please be patient some wait time may occur if a group has already started
  • On completion of each award find the TO (training officer)/Assessor in charge and get them to sign your skills card.
  • Move onto your next award of choice.
  • Note you MUST complete your DRY and WET. All other awards are up to you to ensure you are proficient for the season.
  • Once completed all Awards head back to registration desk and hand in your fully signed card.
  • Be sure to check your card has been signed off at all award prior to handing in.

What you must bring:

  • Proof of completed online skills maintenance
  • Pink rashie – MUST be worn whilst doing wet components of your proficiency
  • Your training masks
  • Water